More Chinese workers die in two coal mine accidents

The last week has seen more Chinese workers die in coal mines due to accidents caused by unsafe working conditions. In the first case, at least three workers were killed in Jixi City when the mine flooded, with others still missing. Later in the week, an explosion at another coal mine in Huainan city killed two miners, with many others trapped underground. Despite the government’s stated intentions to increase the health and safety of Chinese coal mines, these remain the worlds’ deadliest mining workplaces.

Humanitarian reasons not behind USA bombing in Iraq

While the recent bombings in northern Iraq by the USA military have been publicised as a ‘humanitarian’ gesture, the reality is that they are primarily to protect USA assets in Erbil, including a CIA base, safeguard US oil companies, and prop up the Iraqi government. Meanwhile, most of the on the ground fighting has been done by a coalition of Kurdish forces. The new situation in Iraq has brought together quite different Kurdish political organisations, from conservative to radical, and it is unknown how this new situation will develop.

War continues in Gaza amid further repression in the West Bank

Amid off and on peace talks, the military aggression by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza is now well into its second month. The Palestinians are determined this time that without justice, there cannot be peace as they strive for the ending of the economic and political blockade of the Gaza strip. Repression is also increasing for Palestinians in the West Bank with continuing arrests, travel restrictions, and violence against Palestinian prisoners. For updates and solidarity protests, click here.
Stop the bombardment
Lift the siege and blockade of Gaza
Free all Palestinian prisoners


Thailand coup leader declares himself new Prime Minister

In a sham election process, the leader of the military coup, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, has been elected by a hand picked legislature to be the new Prime Minister of Thailand. This attempt to legitimise the military coup is undermined by the repression that the army continues to wield, click here and here. Just this week, the junta published a ‘most wanted’ list of people under the infamous and repressive A112 - Lese Majeste.
No to the military!
Free all political prisoners!
Organising is not a crime!


American journalist killed in Iraq not an isolated case

The news this week that James Foley, a journalist from the United States of America, was murdered in Iraq, has once again thrown the spotlight on the fact that hundreds of journalists are killed while doing their job. The International Federation of Journalists (IJF) has condemned this killing as well as that of the other 66 journalists and media workers that have already been killed this year. The IJF has initiated a campaign in defence of journalist, focusing initially on Iraq, Pakistan and Russia. The IJF has also produced a campaign video called ‘End Impunity’.

Industrial action by other NXP workers needed to win Philippine dispute

It has been over three months since 24 union members at NXP semiconductors in the Philippines were sacked for trying to negotiate a new contract. The workers, their communities and their union have remained strong against this global company’s attempt to smash the union and decrease wages and conditions. Solidarity for these sacked workers has come from all around the world. What is needed now is industrial action to be taken by NXP workers in other countries such as The Netherlands.

Workers in Arab Gulf countries facing increasing hurdles to organising

As reported previously, workers in Bahrain have endured mass repression as they have struggled to open up democratic spaces. The government is now trying to neutralise workers’ power by setting up a yellow, pro-government union federation. In neighbouring Qatar, while the government is trying to deflect criticism about its appalling treatment of migrant workers by setting up a complaints hotline, it has now created a new ‘App’ for employers to report ‘absconding’ migrant workers to the authorities.

Protests planned for right wing ‘pro family’ congress in Melbourne, Australia

On Saturday the 30 August, the ‘The World Congress of Families’ will be holding an international conference in Melbourne, Australia. Behind a seemingly innocent title, a number of far right organisations that espouse anti-women, anti-gay, and fundamentalist Christianity are the organisers of this conference. These organisations are a threat to all workers and our organisations. Demonstrations are planned against this event, click here and here.

Cambodian garment workers are being worked to death

Cambodian unions are speaking out against the high incidence of faintings and even deaths in garment factories, due to overwork and lack of concern for workers' health. Workers' poor health is linked to Cambodia's poverty wages, which leave workers malnourished and drive them to work excessive overtime. Despite extreme poverty and government repression of social movements, the Australian government is continuing with its plans to send asylum seekers to Cambodia, see here and here.

Israel’s military assault on Palestinians in Gaza continues

This week, a three day ceasefire took place that allowed Palestinians to find and bury their dead while also managing to restock on basic essentials. While much of Gaza has been damaged, and almost 2,000 Palestinians killed, the underlying issues behind this conflict are still unresolved. Thus, Palestinians are still resisting against the continued military assault of the Israeli army. Demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians continue around the world, such as London, Cape Town, and Tel Aviv among many other cities and countries. Click on the links for more information and updates.

Stop the bombardment
Lift the siege and blockade of Gaza
Free all Palestinian prisoners


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