Don’t celebrate, demonstrate on Invasion Day

Australia Day on January 26 marks the day the Great Britain began its occupation of Aboriginal land. The process of occupation, dispossession and exploitation has been a devastating one for the Indigenous people of Australia. For many decades, Aboriginal people were forced to labour or had their wages stolen. More recently, the Northern Territory Intervention and Federal Work Programs have continued this exploitation. Aboriginal people first protested against Australia Day in 1938. Their resistance continues today. Protest marches will occur in all major Australian centres on Friday January 26.

Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land

Vale Comrade Denis Walker

The Aboriginal rights movement in Australia mourns the loss of brother and comrade, Denis Walker, co-founder of the Australian Black Panther Party in 1972.  Denis Walker was a major figure in the civil rights and land rights movements from the 1960s and continued to fight for a treaty until his death. Vale comrade Denis Walker.

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