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Indonesia: Struggle for the right to organise

WRP Buana Multicopora is a Malaysian company operating in Medan, Indonesia. On June 12, 2009 the company dismissed 400 workers because they went on strike to give solidarity for 7 workers who resigned from the company but did not receive severance pay. Since then the workers have kept fighting against the company and government who support the company. PPBI (The Unity of Indonesia Workers Movement) are calling for international solidarity for the striking workers - email your message of support to PPBI

Workers at Onamba Indonesia have been on strike since September 30. They are members of the Federation of Unions in Karawang (FSPEK) and affiliated nationally to Confederation of Congress of Indonesian Unions Alliance (KASBI). Onamba is a supplier to famous electronics companies such as Epson, Toshiba and JVC. They systematically practice union-busting activities. Company management broke off negotiations and dismissed the leader of the Onamba Trade Union after he testified before the Industrial Relations Court in the case of the previous Chair of the Onamba Trade Union who was dismissed by the company on October 2009. Within only 11 months, the company has dismissed two union leaders.

Workers conferences

The Latin American Forum conference achieved some valuable discussions thanks to the international delegates, participants and organisers.

Click here to read the report presented by AAWL at the conference






Conferences coming up:

Annual Occupational Health & Safety Reps Conference 

Wednesday 27 October - Melbourne Convention Centre

Victorian Trades Hall Council Occupational Health & Safety Unit

Latin American, Australian & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering

Defending Workers and Indigenous Rights

Building bridges and global resistance against Multinational Corporations

Friday 12, Saturday 13, Sunday 14 November - Trades Hall Melbourne

Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)

Support Workers Responding to Pakistan Floods

The recent flooding in Pakistan has been devastating for many workers. APHEDA and Médecins Sans Frontières are two of the many organisations that have responded to the crisis. APHEDA is working with their partner in Pakistan, the Labour Education Foundation (LEF) which combined with the National Trade Union Federation, the Qalandar Memon Labour Party of Pakistan, the Women Workers Help Line, and the Pakistan Progressive Youth Front to form a joint organisation called the Labour Relief Campaign (LRC). Priorities for Médecins Sans Frontières include water supply, medical care for dehydration, acute watery diarrhoea and distribution of essential non-food items and shelter. To make a donation or to find out more visit APHEDA here and Médecins Sans Frontières here.

People's Assembly in Canberra at the Opening of Parliament on Tuesday 28 September

At a recent Refugee Advocacy Network meeting in Melbourne it was decided to ask all the refugee and asylum seeker networks, agencies and community groups to support and participate in a Peoples Assembly in Canberra.

12.30pm, Tuesday 28 September 2010 on the lawns outside Parliament House.

AAWL General Meeting: Women workers organising

AAWL General Meeting
Wednesday 6 October at 6:30 pm
Trades Hall, Lygon Street, Carlton

Women Workers Organising

Women are deeply involved in workplace struggles. They need to be in the leadership of the labour movement.

Report from Women Workers Lead conference in Jakarta
Discussions, proposals for action

Download leaflet

This is a General meeting for AAWL members and affiliates. New members welcome.

Labour movement conferences

We need a global labour movement meeting

We would like to see a global workers' meeting that can discuss a global labour movement charter of industrial and social demands. In order to have a global labour movement meeting, we propose an interim step, a regional labour movement meeting.

We think that a regional workers' meeting could discuss a global labour movement charter, and discuss strategies to coordinate international industrial action and solidarity, by industry and by company, to achieve workers' demands.

Read more here

Stop the war on Afghanistan

Afghani people continue to be killed. Many are forced to become refugees in Pakistan and other countries.
The Afghanistan war is a used to justify attacks on workers' rights across the world. The Afghanistan war is used to keep workers divided.

Stop the war on Afghanistan. Stop the war on Islam. Afghani workers are our sisters and brothers.
Support womens' rights and workers rights in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Protest: 9th Anniversary of the war on Afghanistan
Saturday 9 October at 1:30 pm
State library Swanston Street Melbourne

More information on the protest: Jessica on 0431 519 577  melb.anti.war@gmail.com
More information on the war:
  Stop the War Coalition  and   Medical Association for the Prevention of War

We need a global labour movement charter

The right to organise unions and take collective action including industrial action and solidarity actions
The right of all workers to organise collectively without being subjected to violence, intimidation or legal harassment
Secure employment
Health & Safety at work, compensation, rehabilitation
A living wage for all workers in all industries
Decent work, with appropriate hours of work proposed by workers, paid leave and paid holidays
Full rights for women workers
Indigenous workers’ rights & Land Rights
Permanent residence with full employment rights for all refugees and all migrant workers in all countries
No child labour
Education, housing, health and childcare provisions
Social security and adequate welfare benefits  

download the leaflet              regional meeting proposal

Outsourcing layoffs in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Indonesia. 
Forty-two Saphire Square shopping centre security guards were sacked without receiving their last month's salary or their Ramadan allowance. They had
been in continuous employment for the past 4 years The security guards organised a sit in protest.
The security guards are contract workers outsourced from the company PT Primanusa Purnama Baru, who have been dismissed without any clear reasons.
Security guards at Saphire Square have now been replaced by workers from another outsourcing company.

The security guards receive an average wage of 800,000 Indonesian rupiah (US $90) a month . Deductions are still made from this minimal wage for uniforms, which are paid off in installments over a period of five months. After being employed for only four months however, the security guards' contracts were terminated.

The security guards had been promised that they would be able to meet with the Saphire management, Yogyakarta Social Affairs, and Labour Agency. The meeting however was canceled. Tthe security guards, who are members of the Indonesian Labour Movement Union-Security Employees Union (SPK-PPBI), demand their salary and want an end to outsourcing layoffs.

Please send your message of solidarity to SPK-PPBI: ppbidiy@gmail.com
More information here

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