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Supporters of Aboriginal rights in Melbourne will be marking the two-year anniversary of the Northern Territory intervention with a solidarity rally in the CBD, followed by a public meeting at Trades Hall.

The events will feature live music and a range of speakers, including a woman from the Alice Springs town camps. Nathan Lovett-Murray, founder of Payback Records, has organized local Indigenous hip hop artists to perform at the rally.

The Solidarity Rally: Saturday 20th June at 12pm
State Library
Swanston & LaTrobe Streets Melbourne

The public meeting: Saturday 20th June at 3pm
Meeting Room 1 at Trades Hall
Victoria & Lygon Streets Carlton


Adding Insecurity to Life

Dutch Unions Challenge Unilever Shareholders
on Repressive Employment Practices Behind Corporate Social Responsibility Spin

Posted to the IUF website 18-May-2009

The Dutch national center FNV and the IUF-affiliated FNV Bondgenoten turned out in force for Unilever's May 14 annual shareholder meeting in Rotterdam, highlighting the squalid social practices behind the company's well-polished "corporate social responsibility" public relations spin.

Unilever workers and support groups were massed at the two meeting entrances, handing out campaign material in support of the IUF's Unilever Pakistan campaign and the newly published "Erratum - Adding Insecurity to Life", an 'alternative annual report' contrasting Unilever practices with the empty claims of the slick company report and massive advertising. Published with the support of the FNV/ Bondgenoten, the UK TUC and Unite and the India Committee of the Netherlands, "Erratum" (click here) makes extensive use of published IUF materials on the systemic abuse of casual labour and union busting in Pakistan but also reports on social conditions on Indian tea plantations supplying to Unilever as well as the company's environmental devastation and mercury poisoning at the site of its former thermometer factory in Kodiakanal, India, among other issues.

Public Meeting On Human Rights and Media Freedom in Sri Lanka

People for Human Rights and Equality (PHRE) and Darebin Ethnic Communities Council (DECC)
invite you to a Public Meeting On Human Rights and Media Freedom in Sri Lanka

And in remembrance of Lasantha Wickrematunge
Editor, Sunday Leader & Winner, UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize 2009,
brutally assassinated in January 2009

Saturday 06 June 2009 at 3.30 pm for 4.00 pm start

Union tour of the Northern Territory against the intervention


Starting 15 June in Central Australia

Visiting key organisations, town camps and communities

Finishing in Darwin, visiting town camps and meeting with Yolngu leaders, community members and groups.


18-19 JUNE


Discussions and workshops on key issues.


Dr. Binayak Sen released !

A Step towards achieving the Right to Democratic Dissent

The Supreme Court granted bail to Dr. Binayak Sen on 25 May 2009.

Binayak was arrested by the government of Chhattisgarh on the 14 May 2007 and
charged under sections of the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act
(CSPSA), 2005, as well as the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA),
1967, and sections of the Indian Penal Code for his alleged links with Maoists.

His release has been a victory for all the human and democratic rights organizations
and other people’s movements that have been consistently struggling and
demanding for his release.

The two year long campaign for the release of Dr. Sen has shown the enormity
of the capacity required of social and political forces in order to defend human
rights of activists in areas of strife and armed conflict.

This struggle had also witnessed the much needed consolidation of a large
number of democratic and human rights organizations, people’s movements,
trade unions, social, political and cultural activists and individuals on a single
platform to not only demand Dr. Sen’s release but also to demand for the repeal
of anti-terror laws such as the CSPSA,UAPA.

Binayak’s arrest was symptomatic of larger efforts by the state to curb all forms of democratic

Nowhere is this fact clearer than in the mineral rich belt of Central India, where the process
of displacement for ‘industrialisation’ has been particularly violent and antidemocratic.

Stop State Repression of Human Rights Defenders

New Trade Union Initiative
B-137 Dayanand Colony, First Floor,
Lajpatnagar Part IV, New Delhi 110024 India
Tel: 91-11-26214538
Fax: 91-11- 26486931
E-Mail: ntui@vsnl.net

Read more on the campaign in support of Dr. Binayak Sen

Sri Lanka: The War is not Over

Sri Lanka:
The War is not Over

The Sri Lankan government is reporting that the war in Sri Lanka is over because of the massacre and slaughter of the leadership of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

But the slaughter and massacres continue.
And the question of Tamil rights is unresolved.

Come to this public meeting, which will discuss the current situation in Sri Lanka, solidarity with Sri Lankan workers and what next in the struggle for Tamil rights.

Wednesday 3 June 2009

6pm Evatt Room Trades Hall
54 Victoria Street Carlton South

free solidarity event - all welcome

More Information: Jiselle Hanna 0411 054 859


Support Korean construction workers

For some years the Korean government has tried to smash KFCITU-KCTU, the main Korean Construction union.

Most of their officials were jailed, some for months or years, for supporting illegal industrial action.

Now most of the union officials are free, but there is still much repression against construction workers in Korea. As we write this 13 KFCITU members are in jail for taking part in rallies against the Korean government.

The KFCITU is now involved in an important dispute, organising contractors. This has been opposed by the Korean government.

Construction dump truck drivers and ready-mix concrete drivers have joined the KFCITU. Construction companies and the Korean government have said this is illegal because the drivers are nominally self-employed and are not allowed to join a union and bargain collectively.

But actually the drivers are contractors. They have to paint their trucks in company colours, and must work according to company rates and at company times.

We must support the right of all construction workers to join unions.
We must defend the right of the KFCITU to organise without legal penalty or harassment.

Korean workers have a long and proud history of labour movement organising and international solidarity. Today they need our help.

The Korean Federation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) are supporting this campaign and ask for your solidarity.

 The Korean drivers struggle is an important fight against the capitalist companies' attempt to de-unionise industries. All workers must have the right to join unions. The struggle of the KFCITU is important for all Korean workers and for all workers in the Asia Pacific region.

Support construction workers in Korea.
Release the jailed KFCITU members.
Defend the right to organise.

Send you solidarity messages to:

Yoo Ki Soo, Education & Policy Officer, KFCITU - cosatu@hanmail.net

Sin Seung Chul, General Secretary, KCTU - shinsc1@hanmail.net

Anita Normark, General Secretary, BWI - anita.normark@bwint.org

More information:
KFCITU - kfcitu.org
KCTU - kctu.org
BWI - bwint.org

Fight to Win - public meeting on target companies

fight to win
public meeting

download leaflet

The economy is collapsing and the world is in danger. Capitalists are not going to save us. They only care about profits.

We need an economy and a society that is organised to fulfill peoples’ needs.

Only workers have the interest and the social power to make this happen.
But we need a plan of action to achieve this. If we simply react to capitalist “solutions” we face another Great Depression. And maybe another world war.

We don’t have a lot of time to organise.

Many industries are about to be closed. If they are closed millions more workers will be unemployed. But in many cases workers in these industries are organised in militant genuine unions.

Some industries are polluting, exploitative and alienating. But they don’t need to be. It depends on who makes the decisions, who has ownership and control.

For example the factories that produce petrol cars could produce buses or trains and other public transport. We need these factories. We need to decide what is produced and how it is distributed.

Some of the industries about to be closed are owned by large international companies. But the workers in these companies are organised.

We need to coordinate our solidarity. We have to make each dispute part of a global strategy to win.
We need to do this soon. Before the factories close.

wednesday 6 may 09
6pm Trades Hall, Lygon St Carlton South


Melbourne May Day Events 2009

Tuesday 28 April 2009

International Workers Memorial Day Rally
Rally 10 am, Trades Hall, Cnr. Victoria & Lygon Streets, Carlton South
More information here

May Day Film Night
Democritus Workers League, 583 High Street Northcote
Information: Marisol 0413 569 315

Thursday 30 April 2009

Wreath Laying Ceremony
5pm at the 8 Hour Memorial opposite Trades Hall to commemorate workers' struggles.
Cnr. Victoria & Lygon Streets, Carlton South

Multi-Cultural Evening and Entertainment
7pm at Trades Hall Cnr. Victoria & Lygon Streets, Carlton South.
Speakers, cultural items, smorgasboard. $5 entry. Information: Andrew 0419 523 886

Friday 1 May 2009

Commemorative picnic.
12 noon at the 8-hour day monument on the coner of Victoria and Lygon Streets in Carlton
Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation Melbourne. Information: 0404 105 403

May Day Global Day of Action Solidarity Rally
5:30 State Library, Swanston Street, Melbourne. We must oppose and defeat capitalism. No sackings. No wage cuts. No unsafe work. No workplace closures. Guaranteed pensions and social security. No disconnections. No evictions. No repossessions.
Download leaflet

Tribute and Celebration of Immigrant Rights to work and a normal life in USA
7pm Che plaque in Trades Hall, 7:30 Meeting Room 1, Trades Hall Corner Lygon and Victoria streets, Carlton South
Stop Latin American deportations from USA. Work and dignified life for all immigrants in USA

Public meeting to discuss May Day
7pm followed by a social event at the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre 62 St. Georges Rd. Northcote.
Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation Melbourne. Information: 0404 105 403

Saturday 2 May 2009

Salt of the Earth - Film Screening and Celebration
6:30 pm Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick
An inspirational movie classic with lessons for tough times, followed by May Day celebration

Sunday 3 May 2009

May Day March, Concert and Family Activities
12 noon Trades Hall, Cnr. Victoria & Lygon Streets, Carlton South.
May Day Concert after the march.

Pete Seeger birthday celebration
5pm Unitarian Church, 110 Grey Street, East Melbourne

Burmese military regime arrests trade union members

FTUB unlawfully detained, likely tortured

On April 1, 2009, five members of the Federation Trade Unions Burma (FTUB) were arrested in their homes in Rangoon after returning from border areas where they had participated as delegates in the 1st National Congress of FTUB.  The five members are likely being held in interrogation centers in the Rangoon area where it is believed they are being tortured.  These FTUB members have served as non-violent advocates and campaigners for workers’ rights and the improvement of wages and working conditions for workers inside Burma.  While the charges on which they were arrested have not been announced, the FTUB strongly condemns these unlawful arrests.

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