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Halt Violent Attacks On Khanewal Action Committee Members

Faced with the possibility of losing the highly lucrative labour supply contracts that have underpinned the disposable jobs regime at Unilever Pakistan’s Lipton tea factory for two decades, contractors are colluding with factory management to instigate violent attacks on the workers campaigning for the right to direct, permanent jobs.

Unilever management, in collusion with the contractors, is desperately fighting to maintain a lucrative system based on discrimination and poverty by provoking and discrediting the Action Committee to pre-empt change through negotiation

The IUF holds Unilever directly accountable for violence at the Lipton tea factory in Khanewal.

For more information, and to send a message to Unilever demanding an immediate halt to these attacks, click here.

Iran: Jailed trade unionist needs urgent medical treatment

Mansour Ossanlu, the leader of the Union of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Sherkat-e Vahed), was arrested on 10 July 2007.

Mansour Ossanlu's health is deteriorating. He has been denied permission to leave the prison for treatment for pre-existing medical problems, and new ones gained through the denial of access to treatment. He was denied treatment by the case judge, despite a referral by the prison doctor following his fourth medical examination.

Despite the recommendation by the Coroner and Medical Examiner at the end of last year that Mansour be treated outside the prison the authorities continue to refuse to allow him to leave for treatment.

International Transport Workers' Federation Campaign

Amnesty International Campaign

Stolen Wages Update

A QCU update -  the latest on the campaign for wage justice
August 2009

Court proceedings commence

Litigation commenced in the District Court on 19 August with the lodging of a writ on behalf of claimant, Uncle Conrad Yeatman, a former carpenter and labourer from Yarrabah. Uncle Conrad’s wages were withheld from him since he began working at age 14 and he refused the original offer of compensation in 2002 as he knew that it was not a fair settlement.

Even though the Stolen Wages Reparations Scheme was re-opened last year, the government still siphoned off over $20 million into an education fund for Indigenous children.

“The $55.4 million was set aside to repair the significant and long-lasting damage inflicted on workers whose wages were stolen and it should be used for that purpose and no other. All these workers are asking is that the government come good on its promise,” said General Secretary, Ron Monaghan.

The QCU is pleased to offer its assistance to Uncle Conrad in his quest to gain wage justice and in the process, offer hope to all those workers whose wages were stolen.

Authorised Ron Monaghan, General Secretary, QCU, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane 4101


Toyota News from Japan

from APWSL Aichi Group

Next Stage of The Struggle by Mr. Tanaka against JTEKT Corporation

Mr. Tanaka who works at JTEKT Corporation, one of the Toyota group companies, and is a member of All Toyota Union, reported on the preparations for the meeting in support of him taking the company to court to request the withdrawal of his dismissal on August 25. The 1st court trial will be held in Nagoya district 1103 court at 3 p.m. on September 10. He is strongly requesting support from participants.


Workers rally for OHS

Melbourne Union Rally Demands "Best Practice" National OHS Laws

Melbourne, 1 September 2009
Today over 7,000 workers marched on the Victorian Parliament in Spring St Melbourne.

They were led by a large contingent of women unionists who had gathered earlier in the day to push for equal pay.

They called on the Brumby ALP Government to insist that their federal government counterparts make the best laws possible in the national ‘harmonisation’ process for OHS law.

Both rank and file Health and Safety delegates and union officials addressed the rally.

More information on "harmonisation"      More information on the laws       More on the rally

Rally to Defend Women's Reproductive Rights

Pro Choice activists everywhere are fighting to decriminalise abortion and to stop the prosecution of a 19-year old woman and her partner for using the approved abortion drug, RU486 to terminate her pregnancy.  Charged under Queensland's 1899 Criminal Code, they face jail terms.  Their committal hearing starts on 3 September.




Rally in defence of women's right to choose!

Saturday 22 August 2009 at 10am

Fertility Control Clinic, 118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne


Speak Out for the Right To Choose Everywhere!

  • Drop the Queensland Charges
  • Free, Accessible Abortion on Demand
  • Unconditional recognition of every woman's right to make her own reproductive choices
  • Fully Funded reproductive health & support services for all women


More information: Campaign for Women's Reproductive Rights, 9388 0062

Support Striking Hazelwood Power Workers

Agreement has been reached by CFMEU at Hazelwood.

The solidarity planning meeting scheduled for Thursday 27 August at 6pm,
at Trades Hall, has been cancelled.

Thank you for all the support & solidarity.
More information: Dave 0412 484 094

Emergency Services Officers at Morwell's Hazelwood power station were striking for 4 months, demanding better pay and conditions on par with their fellow workers at Yallourn and Loy Yang power plants, increased numbers and proper safety training. 

Emergency Services Officers take on responsibilities in situations of fires, leakages, equipment failures and all other safety risks in the mine and the power plant. Yet their base rate of pay is just $19.32 per hour, only slightly above minimum wage.

The company employed scabs in the power plant, while strking workers were locked out.  The Hazelwood Power Plant Workers need your support & solidarity.

Workshop: International Union Solidarity

Saturday 29 August at 3:30 pm

The Latin America Solidarity Conference will hold a workshop on trade union struggles in Latin America and the opportunities for international industrial action and solidarity with the workers of Latin America. The venue for the conference is Victorian Trades Hall, Lygon Street Carlton.

Stop the execution of teacher unionist Farzad Kamangar!

Farzad Kamangar, an Iranian Kurdish teacher and trade unionist is at risk of execution.

On 25 February 2008, the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced Farzad Kamangar to death on charges of "endangering national security" and "enmity against God" (moharebe). The death penalty was confirmed by the Supreme Court on 11 July. The trial took place in secret, lasted only minutes, and failed to meet Iranian and international standards of fairness. His lawyer, Kahlil Bahramian, said: "Nothing in Kamangar's judicial files and records demonstrates any links to the charges brought against him." Indeed, Kamangar was initially cleared of all charges during the investigation process.

Education International, the International Trade Union Confederation, the International Transport Workers Federation, Amnesty International and LabourStart are appealing to the Iranian authorities to commute the death sentence and ensure his case is reviewed fairly.

The Education International website has a list of actions you can take and links where you can find out more.

OHS Laws Not Good Enough! All Unions Rally

A huge turn out of Victorian workplace Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s) and job delegates on 19 August attended the VTHC organised mass meeting at Storey Hall RMIT.

The meeting was provided with an overview of national and Victorian issues by Brian Boyd, Trades Hall Council Secretary
Read more ...

The meeting voted unanimously in favour of a maximum turn out for a Rally on Tuesday 1 September 2009.

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