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Rally to Defend Women's Reproductive Rights

Pro Choice activists everywhere are fighting to decriminalise abortion and to stop the prosecution of a 19-year old woman and her partner for using the approved abortion drug, RU486 to terminate her pregnancy.  Charged under Queensland's 1899 Criminal Code, they face jail terms.  Their committal hearing starts on 3 September.




Rally in defence of women's right to choose!

Saturday 22 August 2009 at 10am

Fertility Control Clinic, 118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne


Speak Out for the Right To Choose Everywhere!

  • Drop the Queensland Charges
  • Free, Accessible Abortion on Demand
  • Unconditional recognition of every woman's right to make her own reproductive choices
  • Fully Funded reproductive health & support services for all women


More information: Campaign for Women's Reproductive Rights, 9388 0062

Support Striking Hazelwood Power Workers

Agreement has been reached by CFMEU at Hazelwood.

The solidarity planning meeting scheduled for Thursday 27 August at 6pm,
at Trades Hall, has been cancelled.

Thank you for all the support & solidarity.
More information: Dave 0412 484 094

Emergency Services Officers at Morwell's Hazelwood power station were striking for 4 months, demanding better pay and conditions on par with their fellow workers at Yallourn and Loy Yang power plants, increased numbers and proper safety training. 

Emergency Services Officers take on responsibilities in situations of fires, leakages, equipment failures and all other safety risks in the mine and the power plant. Yet their base rate of pay is just $19.32 per hour, only slightly above minimum wage.

The company employed scabs in the power plant, while strking workers were locked out.  The Hazelwood Power Plant Workers need your support & solidarity.

Workshop: International Union Solidarity

Saturday 29 August at 3:30 pm

The Latin America Solidarity Conference will hold a workshop on trade union struggles in Latin America and the opportunities for international industrial action and solidarity with the workers of Latin America. The venue for the conference is Victorian Trades Hall, Lygon Street Carlton.

Stop the execution of teacher unionist Farzad Kamangar!

Farzad Kamangar, an Iranian Kurdish teacher and trade unionist is at risk of execution.

On 25 February 2008, the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced Farzad Kamangar to death on charges of "endangering national security" and "enmity against God" (moharebe). The death penalty was confirmed by the Supreme Court on 11 July. The trial took place in secret, lasted only minutes, and failed to meet Iranian and international standards of fairness. His lawyer, Kahlil Bahramian, said: "Nothing in Kamangar's judicial files and records demonstrates any links to the charges brought against him." Indeed, Kamangar was initially cleared of all charges during the investigation process.

Education International, the International Trade Union Confederation, the International Transport Workers Federation, Amnesty International and LabourStart are appealing to the Iranian authorities to commute the death sentence and ensure his case is reviewed fairly.

The Education International website has a list of actions you can take and links where you can find out more.

OHS Laws Not Good Enough! All Unions Rally

A huge turn out of Victorian workplace Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s) and job delegates on 19 August attended the VTHC organised mass meeting at Storey Hall RMIT.

The meeting was provided with an overview of national and Victorian issues by Brian Boyd, Trades Hall Council Secretary
Read more ...

The meeting voted unanimously in favour of a maximum turn out for a Rally on Tuesday 1 September 2009.

Defend our unions - Support Ssangyong workers

Wednesday 2 September 09 at 6 pm - Trades Hall, Lygon Street Carlton

Public meeting all welcome - Download colour leaflet - Download b&w leaflet

stop police attacks - release arrested unionists -  defend union rights - no more sackings

11 august 09 - melbourne unionists rally in defense of ssangyong workers - korea trade centre

Ssangyong car workers went on strike on 21 May.
They occupied their factory at Pyeongtaek in protest against mass sackings.
They were repeatedly violently attacked by the police.

On 6 August agreement was reached between Ssangyong Motors management and the KMWU Ssangyong Motors Branch.
The 77-day sit-in strike has ended.
Click here for the contents of the agreement.

However the strike ended after repeated extremely violent police and company security guard attacks. Many unionists are in hospital. Many are in jail and more are facing charges. The Korean Metal Workers Union, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the International Metalworkers Federation and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union are asking all unionists for continued solidarity.

Come to this meeting to hear about the dispute, support the campaign to free jailed unionists and help to develop our strategy for international industrial action and solidarity against capitalist attacks.

More information about the public meeting: Christine Filiamundi 0431 730 809

More information on dispute details: Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

More information on solidarity actions: International Metalworkers Federation

australia asia worker links -
workers change the world

Victorian paramedics win agreement

After 15 months of campaigning for decent rest breaks and a safer ambulance service, paramedics have won an eleventh hour agreement with the Victorian Government.  The government finally agreed to 10-hour rest breaks.

Ambulance Employees Australia State Secretary Steve McGhie said paramedics are delighted to have won decent rest breaks and fairer wages in the new three year agreement.

“This is not just a win for paramedic safety, this is a win for the safety of all Victorians. The Victorian public knows how important this issue is, and we thank them for their overwhelming support throughout the campaign. Their support has been vital in winning this agreement.”  

Toyota Global Campaign

In September 2006 an Anti-Toyota Global Campaign was first launched under the initiative of the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) with participation from 45 countries across the world. The campaign demanded the start of collective bargaining negotiations and the reinstatement of 233 illegally dismissed workers. Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation had been refusing to enter into collective bargaining since 2000 and had dismissed the 233 workers in 2001.

Since this initial campaign an Anti-Toyota Global Campaign calling for worldwide participation has been launched in September every year . This year the fourth anti-Toyota Global Campaign will start on for the fifteenth of September and run for ten days.

The Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA) and the Support Group for Philippine Toyota Union TMPCWA in Japan are calling for protest actions against Toyota all over the world and for organisations and individuals to sign a joint protest letter.

Remembering Ka Fort - Solidarity with Nestle Workers in the Philippines

"Continue our struggle until we acheive the elusive justice that rightfully belongs to the workers.
The blood shed by our departed comrades will never be wasted, not one drop."


Diosdado "Ka Fort" Fortuna 1954-2005


On 22 September 2005, the president of the Union of Filipro Employees Drug, Food & Allied Industries (UFE-DFA-KMU) in Cabuyao, Laguna, Diosdado "Ka Fort" Fortuna, was shot dead in Southern Tagalog. He was killed by unidentified motorcycle-riding gunmen on his way home.  Nestle workers had been on strike since 14 January 2002, over a deadlock in the collective bargaining agreement. The Nestle management was and continues to refuse to include the retirement benefits of the workers in the Agreement, despite rulings of the Supreme Court in favour of the workers.

Ka Fort manned the Nestle picketlines since their strike started in January 2002. He consistently advocated workers' rights and welfare by actively serving the union and progressive people's movement in Southern Tagalog, despite dangerous conditions and threats on his life.

In the Philippines, workers are commemorating the 4th anniversary of the death of Ka Fort, and continuing the struggle of Philippines Nestle Workers.

Tuesday 22 September at 7pm
Nestle Philippines Cabuyao Factory
Cabuyao, Philippines

Release KGS-Migrante Leaders!

Eighteen Migrante Saudi Arabia (KGS-Migrante) leaders were arrested in one of their safehouses in Riyadh on 14 August 2009.  

The Migrante safehouses are designed to house and support overseas Filipino workers in distress in Saudi Arabia who have run away from their employers.  On the afternoon of the arrests, Migrante staff were interviewing overseas workers and documenting the human rights abuses experienced by them at the hands of their employers.

The Philippines' largest national export is workers, and since the Global Economic Crisis, the number of workers leaving the Philippines to find work abroad has increased.  The Middle East is a major destination for Filipino workers.

Migrante is the largest organisation advocating for the rights of Filipinos working abroad.

Release the KGS-Migrante Leaders!
Defend Migrant Rights!

More information: www.kilusangmayouno.org

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