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Global day of Action for Honduran People

Rally on Saturday August 15, 1pm at Federation Square, Melbourne

Everyone welcome, bring your greetings, flags, banners, music instruments and everything needed to express our support and solidarity with the Honduran popular resistance against the recent military coup.

Call initiated by the Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)

Defend Our Right To Health & Safety At Work

The Victorian Trades Hall Council Executive has called the following two events:

All Unions Delegates and OHS Reps Rally
10am,  Wednesday 19 August 09
Storey Hall Auditorium (RMIT:  Level 5; 336-342 Swanston St,  Melbourne)

OHS National Model Laws
Not Good Enough!
All Affiliates Rally

10am, Tuesday, 1 September 09
Trades Hall, Lygon Street, Carlton

All Health & Safety representatives, job delegates and rank and file members need to mobilise and support these events.

The campaign to achieve better outcomes on OHS laws continues. 
To read more click here.

Queries:  Margot Hoyte, OHS Campaigns Officer mhoyte@vthc.org.au, 9659 3570.

Latin America Solidarity Conference 2009


The conference will feature guest speakers from Latin America, and will facilitate the sharing of
information, experiences and ideas about:

• The Bolivarian revolution and socialism of the 21st century
• Militarisation and resistance movements in Latin America
• Experiences in participatory democracy and workers’ control
• Advances for democracy in Central America
• Models of ecological sustainability and repair in Latin America
• Indigenous peoples’ struggles for justice and self-determination
• Building solidarity in Australia and internationally

Unilever Pakistan Punishes Rights Activists

Shahid Mahmood has worked 13 years as an outsourced casual worker at Khanewal. His pay was cut 30% when he joined the union Action Committee to fight for his rights.

"“I’m a fitter. I’ve worked at the Unilever Khanewal factory for 13 years. Before I joined the action committee I was paid 326 Rupees per day. After I joined the committee and filed a legal case my wage was lowered to 232 Rupees, the minimum wage for an unskilled worker. Other fitters who didn’t join the Action Committee are still getting 326 Rupees.”

Since the Lipton Khanewal workers formed their Action Committee to fight for their rights, members have been denied work, demoted and pushed into even deeper poverty in an attempt to break their resistance. At the same time, some 100 new contract workers - with no experience, skills, or seniority (over 20% of the workforce) have been taken on in the midst of what the company contends is a production downturn… but is clearly a show of force to weaken the Action Committee and the IUF.

Stop discrimination and reprisals against the Khanewal Action Committee workers - click here to send a message to Unilever!

Tell corporate management to stop retaliating and start negotiating!. The Lipton Khanewal casual workers fighting for justice through their Action Committee must be given permanent, direct employment status.


Support Triumph workers in the Philippines

On 29 June Triumph International global management declared the closure of Triumph International Philippines and Star Performance Incorporated as part of their global restructuring program. As a result, more than 1,660 workers were retrenched in these two production centers in the Philippines.

Defend Job Philippines and the workers of Triumph International Philippines organised in the Bagong Pagkakaisa ng mga Manggagawa sa Triumph International (New Union of Workers of Triumph International Philippines), strongly denounce and resist the injustice that was committed by Triumph International.

We appeal all unionists to support the fight of the Triumph workers in the Philippines and to our fellow Triumph workers in other parts of the globe.

The workers of Triumph International Philippines and joint appeal of Triumph workers Philippines and Thailand have published an Urgent Appeal asking for your solidarity.

Downoad the appeal           Read the joint Philippines / Thai union statement          More information

Free Liliany Obando - One Year in Prison

On 8 August 2009, it is one year since the Colombian police detained our comrade and friend Liliany Obando and charged her with two counts of rebellion and managing funds for a terrorist organization.

Liliany Obando was a representative of the Agricultural Workers Union Federation (FENSUAGRO).

Liliany is charged with rebellion. This is a common catch-all charge that is regularly used to imprison those who speak out against the government for long periods without trial. 'Rebellion' also allows the regime to smear those accused of it as being 'terrorists' and helps to delegitimise their work. Colombia has the highest rate of killings of union activists in the world.

We ask all unionists to demand that the Colombian government free Liliany Obando.

Send your protest messages to:

More information:

Peace & Justice for Colombia

Rally in solidarity with Ssangyong workers

stop police attacks - release arrested unionists -  defend union rights - no more sackings

tuesday 11 august 12:30pm
workers should not pay for the the economic crisis - protest rally:

Korea Trade Centre 468 St Kilda Road Melbourne

Ssangyong car workers had been on strike since 21 May.
They occupied their factory at Pyeongtaek in protest against mass sackings.
They have been repeatedly violently attacked by the police.

On 6 August agreement was reached between Ssangyong Motors management and the KMWU Ssangyong Motors Branch.
The 77-day sit-in strike has ended.
Click here for the contents of the agreement.

However the strike ended after repeated extremely violent police and company security guard attacks. Many unionists are in hospital. Many are in jail and more are facing charges. The Korean Metal Workers Union, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the International Metalworkers Federation and the Australian Manufactiring Workers Union are asking all unionists for continued solidarity.

Defend our unions. Stop police attacks, support union rights & meaningful negotiations.

Download colour leaflet      Download B&W leaflet      Download leaflet for email

Solidarity with Ssangyong workers

Ssangyong workers are on strike.
They have occupied the factory at Pyeongtaek in protest against mass sackings.

The Korean Metal Workers Union is asking all unionists for solidarity messages and solidarity actions.

Solidarity actions taking place include:

Saturday 25 July - Korea: Demonstration of 10,000 workers marches to Pyeongtaek factory to deliver water to the striking KMWU and support the occupation. More...

Monday 27 July - China Hong Kong: HKCTU calls a protest action against Korean government suppression on Ssangyong Motors workers strike.
Rally starts at 2:15 at MTR Admiralty Station, going to the Consulate General of Korea.

Tuesday 28 July - San Francisco USA: Transport Workers Solidarity Committee calls a solidarity picket at Korean Consulate to defend Ssangyong auto workers, KTU public teachers & KNUM media workers. Picket starts 4pm at Korean Consulate, 3500 Clay & Laurel St, San Francisco. More...

The company and government have used serious violence against the workers, blockading the site and stopping food and water deliveries. The police even arrested doctors who are trying to provide medical assistance to injured workers.

The Korean Council of Trade Unions has called a general strike against the police attack on the striking workers.

The international labour movement demands that the Korean government call off riot police and water cannons immediately and to stop using violence to resolve industrial disputes.

March for a safer ambulance service


1pm Trades Hall, Cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts
Marching to the Premier’s Office, Spring Street.

Victorian Ambulance workers in dispute
They are fighting to improve their conditions.
They are fighting to save the ambulance service.

The problems: long delays in emergencies, dangerous paramedic fatigue and intensive care MICA service in meltdown.

Victorian ambos are campaigning for a better, safer ambulance service for you and your community.

The union has surveyed nearly 20 percent of Victorian ambos and found that 75% have made mistakes because of extreme fatigue. They’re averaging just 6 hours sleep each night and often less than that. We must fix this, or even more experienced ambos will leave the job. That will mean waiting even longer in emergencies. We want Ambulance Victoria to provide a first class service to all Victorians.

That’s why we urgently need to resolve our enterprise bargaining negotiations.

A key demand is for 10 hour rest-breaks between shifts.
That will allow us to rest properly between shifts, which are often more than 14 hours long.

Support this campaign...

Support sacked meatworkers on temporary visas

Five AMIEU members at an abattoir at Narrikup, Western Australia, were allegedly made “redundant”.

These members were very active within the Union leadership group and have been vocal about legitimate grievances about wages and conditions at Fletcher International.

Fletchers International have been sanctioned by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for breaches of their obligations as sponsors of 457 visa workers.

The Meat Workers Union and its members are being systematically targeted by Fletchers.

These workers and their families in the Philippines have no current income, can access no welfare or unemployment benefits and do not have access to Medicare health benefits. The current conditions on their visas do not permit them to work elsewhere.

The AMIEU is asking for solidarity and financial support for these workers. More...

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