Bangladesh International Human Rights Day rallies

The National Garment Workers Federation organized a rally of garment workers named "Garment Workers Human Rights Protection Rally" in the capital city Dhaka. Several hundred garment workers participated in this with red flags. It was led by the president and general secretary of the NGWF, Amirul Haque Amin and Miss Safia Pervin. From the rally it urged the government and employers to protect trade union rights in the garment sector because this is a human right. Also mentioned though according to the law garment workers have the right to organize and bargain but that is not the reality. And it happens because of the weakness of the labour laws, absence of commitment of the government and anti-union attitude of the employers.

The Bangladesh EPZ (Export Processing Zone) Workers Center, an organization initiated by the National Garment Workers Federation in 2000, also organized a Rally of EPZ workers in Dhaka. More than a hundred EPZ workers participated in this rally. It was called the "Trade Union Rights - Human Rights Rally". It was led by the Workers Centre co-ordinator and member secretary - Amirul Haque Amin and Mrs Jessmin Begum. The rally raised the issue that, ignoring international law, Human Rights and the country's constitution, EPZ workers are deprived of trade union rights - that is a violation of human rights.