Cambodian workers demand a living wage

Cambodian garment workers have taken industrial action to further a campaign to increase the minimum wage from $50 per month to between $75 and $93 per month. Workers took legal strike action from 13th to the 17th September after a tripartite body decided to increase wages to only $61. But when workers agreed to return to work to await outcomes of further negotiations, 94 unionists and 683 workers who had participated in the strikes were dismissed or suspended.

The Cambodian Labor Confederation is seeking solidarity for dismissed workers who are now struggling to meet daily needs in an environment of high inflation. Further nationwide stoppages are planned for the end of November. The CLC is asking all unions for solidarity in their demand to drop the court cases, reinstate all union leaders and workers, and for negotiations to continue in good faith. 
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Cambodian factories manufacture clothes for labels such as Gap, Levi's and Marks & Spencer.
More information from the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union