Car industry workers in dispute everywhere

Australia Asia Worker Links hosted the first International Committee Meeting of the Global Picketline.  The meeting agreed to start supporting struggling workers in the car industry across the world.  And there are many industrial struggles in the car industry. Workers at Kia motors and Hyundai, in South Korea, this week voted to take strike action if their demands for a wage increase and a percentage of the companies’ overall profits, are not met.  Han Sang-Gyun is still in prison on charges related to organising workers.  Maruti Suzuki workers and solidarity groups continue to support the 14 workers that are in prison on life sentences in a stitch up over the death of a manager.  There are also workers in vehicle component manufacturing that are in the throes of disputes with their employers, which form a critical part in the car industry supply chain.

Let us know if you are involved in an industry dispute in the car industry: