FREE OUR COMRADES! Liliany Obando is released!

Trade unionist and political prisoner Liliany Obando was released on Thursday 1 March 2012 from the prison where she had been held for almost 4 years on charges of "rebellion".  Liliany was arrested in 2008 while serving as the Human Rights Coordinator for FENSUAGRO, Colombia's largest organization of peasant farmers and farm workers unions. She was arrested while finishing a report about the more than 1,500 Fensuagro members who had been killed by the Colombian military and paramilitary troops over its first 30 years of existence.  However, all is not settled regarding Liliany's case. The court process has not been suspended and she still could be sent back to jail. When asked how she was feeling about the news of her release, Liliany said, "I have mixed emotions. I want to leave, but I don't want to leave the other political prisoners behind. We have to keep working until all the political prisoners are free." This victory was only possible through the united efforts of workers internationally who fought tirelessly for Liliany 's release.  The struggle must continue for all political prisoners everywhere.  Free our Comrades!