Free Somyot - Abolish Article 112

Bangkok, Thailand. On 23 January Somyot Prueksakasemsuk was sentenced to 11 years in jail under Article 112. 

Article 112 is a law that provides for long prison sentences for "defaming the Thai royal family".

In actual fact Article 112 is simply used to repress political opposition in Thailand.

Article 112 is an effective way to deny freedom of speech and the right to organise. There are hundreds of political prisoners in Thailand. Somyot is the best know because he is a labour activist who has been in jail since April 2011 and he is supported internationally. Somyot and other political prisoners have been jailed in an attmpt by the Thai government to frighten workers and stop them from speaking out for their rights and against injustice.

AAWL joins the genuine labour movement everywhere in condemning the sentence handed down against Somyot. We demand his immediate release. We demand the immediate abolition of Article 112. We will support protests and campaigns against the Thai government until Somyot and the other political prisoners are free.

Free Somyot - Free all political prisoners in Thailand - Abolish Article 112