Health & Safety at work is a major issue for workers across the Asia Pacific region. Poverty forces workers to take any job, no matter how dangerous. Dangers come from unsafe machines, unsafe production methods and from chemicals, dusts and explosions. Hazards to workers include heat, cold, falling from high places, confined spaces, radiation, vibration and noise. Hazards at work also include violence, assaults and bullying against workers.

Workers have the right to Information about possible dangers at work. They have the right to training, good equipment and enough time to work safely.

Australian unionists are very interested in Health & Safety issues: In Australia there are 5000 occupational deaths recorded each year. Given the small population of Australia this is a terrible statistic.

Workers and unions organise Health & Safety campaigns to fight workplace deaths and injuries.

But workplace dangers come from the employers placing production and profit ahead of the lives and health of the workers.

Workers have the right to organise together in unions to talk about safety at work, to ask for information and equipment, and to refuse to do work that is dangerous.

AAWL supports workers and unions organising for health & safety.
We want to help link activist networks and union to support workers organising for health & safety in the Asia Pacific region.

Body Mapping

Health & Safety activists have been using body mapping to organise for better conditions at work.

The body mapping workshop is which is a method of organising a Health & Safety discussion at work without needing documents, books or written reports.

Health & Safety activists in Australia have also developed hazard information sheets to let workers know about dangers at work.organising for health & safety

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Workers can take collective action for their Health & Safety. All workers have the right to be safe at work.