Human Rights Protest Dinner

Saturday 21st November at 7:30 pm
at  Maya, 11 Rossmoyne Street, Thornbury
(Melbourne Melway Map 30 G4  -  Tram 86)

The objective of the Dinner is to raise the plight of individuals / communities who are fighting for Human Rights issues & struggles in Australia and other countries. We aim to air / profile  various HR plights so that people are not alone, and that others hear of their plight and tell others and come to action to assist them in various ways. We also aim to meet socially aware people and fellow activists in the field. Information tables will be available.

For bookings and tickets ($22) contact Sharon (Black Rights Action Group - BRAG) on 0401 414 967

The latest detail on the developments and the protest that's taken place.

CHILE – Pascual Pichun
A leading Mapuche, Indigenous man of Chile fights many years for his Land Rights. Eventually finally subjecting him to a trial which he wins, to then re-trial the case. False witnesses are used, they imprison him for 5 years, for “terrorist arson and terrorist threats” under terrorist laws, and others still remain in prison.

COLUMBIA – Duban Velez
Under a fascist government and domination of Multi-National Corporations,  thousands (2,700) of Union leaders are assassinated. They continue to fight for better pay and conditions and freedom to associate in Unions. Union activists suffer gross systemic human rights violations.

TAMIL / SRI LANKA  - Antony Gration
An indigenous / oppressed minority  express the violations of their rights as citizens of Sri Lanka. Anti- terrorist Laws are used against journalists and jail them for 20 years. Sweeping powers reduce freedom of speech. Tamils disappear.

Is there a message in these Human Rights stories for us in Australia? What is it and what can we do?