Indonesia: Cross-Factory Worker’s Forum

Potential large-scale layoffs due to the implementation of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) have raised the concerns of  workers, including workers who work at the Industrial Zone of Nusantara (KBN) Cakung, North Jakarta.

Therefore, FBLP (Cross-Factory Worker’s Forum, which is a member of the The Preparatory Committee of Indonesian Centre for Labor Struggle/KP PPBI) held an open discussion with invited speakers from Indonesian Transportation Union of Struggle (SBTPI), comrade Kamal; comrade Kim from the National Worker Union (SPN), comrade Ade from FSPBI and comrade of Budi Wardoyo from KP-PPBI. The discussion was hosted by Jumisih (spokesperson of KP-PPBI North Jakarta). Around 70 people from various factories and unions in KBN Cakung participated in the discussion

The discussion also addressed the initial steps to build a movement, especially in the KBN Cakung. The forum discussed a political way out, whether a political solution, i.e. the struggle for political power by the workers and the poor people, and the economic solution, namely the development of national industries under the control of the people.

As a step towards building a movement, on next Saturday (29th January 2010), there will be a meeting across the factory, between the union movement to formulate the next struggle. Background information here and here.