Indonesia factory occupation

Textile workers from the Istana Magnoliatama factory in north Jakarta have been occupying their workplace for more than 2 years. Kiswoyo, a member of KASBI and the union Chairman at the plant, says that in July 2007 the management of the factory told the workers that they wanted to close the business.

“The union believed that this was an attempt by the company to get rid of all of the permanent staff and replace them with contract workers. Currently it is forbidden by law for companies to employ contract workers to replace permanent staff. We saw this as an attempt to get around the laws.”

“The union was not about to see hundreds of permanent jobs be thrown away. It was clear that the company was just trying to increase its profits and put the workforce in an even more precarious position. We refused to let the management get away with this so when they closed the factory we decided to stay and occupy the plant.” Read more of this interview here.