Indonesia solidarity visit

Indonesian socialist and women's liberation activist Vivi Widyawati will be speaking on "Women’s liberation and the struggle for socialist politics in Indonesia".

Widyawati is the national coordinator of the National Network for Women’s Liberation - an Indonesian women’s liberation organisation consisting of local women’s committees, coordinating bodies and women’s sections of labour, student, peasant and urban poor organisations committed to the liberation of women. JNPM aims to develop direct involvement of women in struggling against capitalism, patriarchal culture and militarism in Indonesia and argues there can be no separation between the generalised struggle of Indonesia’s majority poor population and the struggle for women’s liberation.

Widyawati is also an activist in the Committee for the Politics of the Poor-People’s Democratic Party (KPRM-PRD), a socialist party formed two years ago by expelled members of the leftist PRD.

Wednesday, September 23 at 1pm, Latrobe University
Thursday, September 24 at 6:30, Direct Action Centre, Trades Hall, Victoria Street Carlton