Indonesia: Struggle for the right to organise

WRP Buana Multicopora is a Malaysian company operating in Medan, Indonesia. On June 12, 2009 the company dismissed 400 workers because they went on strike to give solidarity for 7 workers who resigned from the company but did not receive severance pay. Since then the workers have kept fighting against the company and government who support the company. PPBI (The Unity of Indonesia Workers Movement) are calling for international solidarity for the striking workers - email your message of support to PPBI

Workers at Onamba Indonesia have been on strike since September 30. They are members of the Federation of Unions in Karawang (FSPEK) and affiliated nationally to Confederation of Congress of Indonesian Unions Alliance (KASBI). Onamba is a supplier to famous electronics companies such as Epson, Toshiba and JVC. They systematically practice union-busting activities. Company management broke off negotiations and dismissed the leader of the Onamba Trade Union after he testified before the Industrial Relations Court in the case of the previous Chair of the Onamba Trade Union who was dismissed by the company on October 2009. Within only 11 months, the company has dismissed two union leaders.