International campaign to free Han Sang-kyun

The campaign to free Han Sang-kyun continues. The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the Korean Metal Workers Union have endorsed a new joint leaflet, designed for distribution at union workplaces in the Asia Pacific region.

Comrade Han, former Chairman of the Ssangyong Motor Company Union (KMWU), was jailed because of his union activity during the Ssangyong strike and occupation in 2009. Comrade Han had his prison sentence reduced in August 2010 from 4 years to 3 years. In the same court case, 21 other trade unionists were freed but with severe restrictions on future union activities.

Comrade Kim Hyuk, another KMWU executive member, is still serving a 3 year sentence.
We ask you to distribute this solidarity leaflet and support the campaign to free our comrades.

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