Iran Steel Workers: A Better Life is Every Worker’s Right

Amid continuing attacks on their rights, Iranian workers at the Isfahan Steel Company have formed a 'Council of the Isfahan Steel Workers' to better unify the workers' ranks and defend their rights:

"The Isfahan Steel Company (ISC) has been one of the largest industrial enterprises in all Iran. Nevertheless, despite many small and large efforts by workers throughout the years to improve their working condition, they have been strenuously deprived of the right to have a workers-led organization of their own to defend their rights and just demands.

In this connection, faced with an uncertain future and generally worsening conditions, and mindful of the crushing weight of the economic crisis on the workers’ shoulders, we, a group of ISC workers, have decided to form the “Ad Hoc Council of the Isfahan Steel Workers”, whose mission it is to unify the workers’ ranks and defend their rights."

Read the full statement here.