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Workers have common interests and common enemies, no matter what country they live in. Australia Asia Worker Links builds solidarity by making links between workers' organisations so that we can support each other more effectively. AAWL is serious and effective. We build solidarity to help workers in struggle, not because we want to sell more newspapers.


AAWL General meetings set policy directions. The Executive is responsible for implimenting policy. Members of AAWL can participate in all meetings. These meetings are useful and interesting if you are an activist, if you are pro-union and if you agree that international workers solidarity is a crucial area to build. We use our meetings to develop our collective position and to develop our ideas.


We work to free jailed trade unionists and build support for striking workers in Australia and overseas.


No other organisation in Australia has a better record of international workers' solidarity than AAWL. We have supported workers’ organisations as they have developed in different countries. We assisted unions from their very beginning in Korea and Thailand.


Not everyone has the free time to be very active. You can support AAWL by donating money. That is very valuable. International solidarity is built with international phone calls and air fares, so it is very expensive.


AAWL is a labour movement solidarity organisation. Many trade unions and trades and labour councils are affiliated to AAWL. AAWL is not a party, not a collective and not a network. AAWL members belong to different political parties, tendencies and other labour movement organisations on the left, although many AAWL members do not belong to any other political organisation.


If you join AAWL you will have the opportunity to learn about unions and working class politics in Australia and in the Asia Pacific region. Members who complete induction & training are expected to coordinate part of our work. You also get to meet lots of interesting and busy people and find out how we can work together across industries, languages and countries. Membership & Affiliation period is from January to December.


We need money to continue our solidarity work Please contact AAWL to make a regular donation to our work.