May 20 - Day of Action in Solidarity with the people of Thailand

 Melbourne solidarity rally

Thursday 20 May at 12:30 pm
In front of Thai Airways office
250 Collins Street, Melbourne

Soldiers - Don't shoot !
Abhisit government - Resign !

This is a time of crisis for workers in Thailand. The Abhisit government must go.

It is the 6th time in the past forty years that the Thai government has used military force to suppress popular discontent against the inequality and corruption of Thai society.

Thursday 20 May is the anniversary of the end of Black May in 1992, when the Thai military attacked hundreds of thousands of pro democracy demonstrators in the centre of Bangkok. The demonstrators resisted the attacks, and on 20 May 1992 the King intervened against the government.

We stand with the working people of Thailand. All workers in the region and globally should support protest actions and international industrial action and solidarity to assist workers in Thailand.

Click here for a sample union letter to send to the Thai government

Click here for the AAWL statement on Thailand: Workers Organise to Win !

End the dictatorship - No to Abhisit - No to Thaksin - Yes to Workers' Government !

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