Nestle Workers Protest Attacks in Philippines

More than seven years have now passed since more than 600 employees at the Cabuyao factory of Nestlé Philippines, Inc. went on strike to enforce their right to negotiate their retirement benefits. The Supreme Court’s repeated rulings in their favor on this issue have failed to render justice, as the Swiss multinational food company continues to defy the court’s decisions.

The Union Of Filipro Employees last month wrote to the ILO to protest against a raft of attacks against the union including the murder of two of its Presidents, union busting activities, illegal dismissal of 616 workers and arrests, detention, threats and harrasment of union members. Read their letter here.

This repression has directly or indirectly resulted in 23 strike-related deaths, including union leader Diosdado "Ka Fort" Fortuna, who was assassinated on his way home from a picket line on September 22, 2005. His predecessor, Union president Meliton Roxas, was assassinated in front of the picket line on January 20, 1989, during the workers' previous strike involving the same issue. Find out more about the struggle here.