Our proposal: A Regional Labour Movement Meeting


In March 2010 AAWL decided to consult with solidarity partners and affiliates on the feasibility of jointly organising a Global Labour Movement Meeting.

We would like to see a global meeting that can discuss a global labour movement charter of industrial and social demands. We also want to discuss strategies to coordinate international industrial action and solidarity to achieve workers' industrial and social demands.

In order to have a Global Labour Movement Meeting, we propose an interim step, which would be a Regional Labour Movement Meeting
Regional Labour Movement Meeting

We think that a regional meeting could:

  • Discuss a Global Labour Movement Charter
  • Have sectoral discussions (by industry or by company) on developing strategies
    to coordinate international networks and international campaigns to implement the Charter
    by achieving workers' industrial and social demands
  • The meeting would aim at the endorsement of a Global Labour Movement Charter,
    a coordinating network and an action strategy to implement the Charter


Why now?

Workers are fighting back.

This is a list of the General Strikes that have already occurred in 2010:
January: Yemen, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korea
February: Israel, Greece, Turkey
March: Greece, France
May: Portugal, Greece, Nepal, Bolivia, Guinea
June: Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Spain, French Polynesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Palestine, Romania
July: South Africa, India, Panama, Cyprus, Korea
August: South Africa, Nigeria, India
September: India, France

The labour movement globally is at a critical stage in terms of struggle, but we need a clear and positive working class strategy to resolve the many interconnected problems that face workers.

Together we win. Workers change the world