Outsourcing layoffs in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Indonesia. 
Forty-two Saphire Square shopping centre security guards were sacked without receiving their last month's salary or their Ramadan allowance. They had
been in continuous employment for the past 4 years The security guards organised a sit in protest.
The security guards are contract workers outsourced from the company PT Primanusa Purnama Baru, who have been dismissed without any clear reasons.
Security guards at Saphire Square have now been replaced by workers from another outsourcing company.

The security guards receive an average wage of 800,000 Indonesian rupiah (US $90) a month . Deductions are still made from this minimal wage for uniforms, which are paid off in installments over a period of five months. After being employed for only four months however, the security guards' contracts were terminated.

The security guards had been promised that they would be able to meet with the Saphire management, Yogyakarta Social Affairs, and Labour Agency. The meeting however was canceled. Tthe security guards, who are members of the Indonesian Labour Movement Union-Security Employees Union (SPK-PPBI), demand their salary and want an end to outsourcing layoffs.

Please send your message of solidarity to SPK-PPBI: ppbidiy@gmail.com
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