Pakistan day of protest

In Pakistan on Thursday 10 December the Labour Unity Alliance ( APFUTU, APFOL, PNFTU, GFTU ) organised a countrywide day of protest against the recent hike in fuel prices, the gradual takeover of the country by US forces with the presence of US marines in Islamabad and other strategic locations and growing unemployment and lawlessness.

As part of the day of action the All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU) Transport, Public & Commercial workers staged a protest demonstration in Lahore against the hike in oil prices, privatisation, unemployment, inflation and low increase in salaries of labourers.

During the protest demonstration traffic on Mall Road was suspended for hours. Protesters were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans in favour of their demands. Speakers on the occasion said that the government should pay immediate attention towards the demands of labourers who are compelled to live under inhuman conditions.  They also demanded of the government, semi-government and private organisations and institutes that they should provide all the facilities according to the pay scale of labourers.

Labour leaders also said that the federal government should revive the specified ILO labour rules and regulations to provide relief to the labourers. They said the government should make functional all the dysfunctional industrial units to boost employment rate in the country. They also demanded that the high-ups make permanent all the contractual, work charge and daily wage employees in different government organisations. They also condemned the proposed privatisation of different government organisations including Railways, Postal Services, Sui Northern Gas and others. They also threatened that if government did not pay attention to these issues then different labour bodies would launch a series of protests in the near future.