Pakistan workers strike amid state repression

On the 20th of July, over 100,000 power loom workers in Faisalabad struck closing down over 20,000 worksites. In spite of local ordinances that forbids gatherings, and a massive police presence that attacked the demonstration, the workers took over the centre of town.
The strike was organised by the Labour Qaumi Movement, with the main demand of the workers being the implementation of a 17% increase in the minimum wage as recommended by the government for the private sector.
Earlier in week, the LQM lost two of its organisers when Mustansar Randhawa, and his brother Mr. Naseer Randhawa were both killed by unknown gunmen in their union offices. Both had received death threats previously.
In a separate industrial matter, over 10,000 workers from the ship breaking industry in Gadani, Balochistan province, staged a strike and demonstration over better pay and conditions. The ship breaking industry is one of the most dangerous industries in Pakistan with workplace injuries and deaths very common.