Protest and March in Sydney and Melbourne

When Kevin Rudd took power in 2007, many were hopeful that the dark days of Howard’s racism were behind us – the days of kids in detention, refugees dying at sea trying to make it Australia, and the Tampa.

Unfortunately Labor’s policies are not so different from the Liberals. More than 1,200 men, women and children are currently locked up in a maximum security detention centre on Christmas Island, while hundreds more are on boats in Indonesian harbours being used as pawns in a deadly game of diplomacy between Australia and Indonesia.

In Sydney, RAC is holding a rally this Sunday 29th November at 2pm at Sydney Town Hall. A subsequent public meeting titled "The refugee crisis in Sri Lanka and Rudd's Indonesia Solution" is planned for Wednesday 9 December.

In Melbourne Protest and March on Saturday 5th December at 2pm at the State Library.

Also see the Regional left groups statement on Tamil refugees here.