Rally in solidarity with Ssangyong workers

stop police attacks - release arrested unionists -  defend union rights - no more sackings

tuesday 11 august 12:30pm
workers should not pay for the the economic crisis - protest rally:

Korea Trade Centre 468 St Kilda Road Melbourne

Ssangyong car workers had been on strike since 21 May.
They occupied their factory at Pyeongtaek in protest against mass sackings.
They have been repeatedly violently attacked by the police.

On 6 August agreement was reached between Ssangyong Motors management and the KMWU Ssangyong Motors Branch.
The 77-day sit-in strike has ended.
Click here for the contents of the agreement.

However the strike ended after repeated extremely violent police and company security guard attacks. Many unionists are in hospital. Many are in jail and more are facing charges. The Korean Metal Workers Union, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the International Metalworkers Federation and the Australian Manufactiring Workers Union are asking all unionists for continued solidarity.

Defend our unions. Stop police attacks, support union rights & meaningful negotiations.

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solidarity with ssangyong workers

Workers at the Ssangyong car company were subjected to mass sackings and they have occupied the Ssangyong factory in Pyeongtaek in protest.

The company and South Korean government have responded with violent police attacks against the strikers and solidarity supporters including the use of chemical agents. They have blockaded the workers and denied them food, water and medical aid.

The KCTU has conducted a general strike in support of the Ssangyong unionists. The KMWU organised a major solidarity rally attended by 10,000 unionists who marched to the Pyeongtaek factory to support the occupation.

The International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) has organised an international solidarity campaign sending protest messages to the South Korean government and support for the KMWU.

The company has now begun negotiations with the union, but the situation remains precarious.

The KMWU has issued a global request for solidarity actions. Protest actions are occurring around the world.

proposed union motion:

This meeting notes the appeal issued by the Korean Metal Workers Union (KMWU), the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) against police attacks and for solidarity with Ssangyong workers, who have been on strike since 21 May and have occupied the Ssangyong Pyeongtaek factory.

This meeting supports the solidarity calls of the KMWU, the KCTU and IMF.
This meeting resolves to support a protest rally against Ssangyong management and the South Korean Government to demand that police attacks on strikers cease, the blockade of the occupation be lifted, that arrested unionists be released, that all charges against arrested unionists dropped, and that meaningful negotiation be conducted with the KMWU.

The rally will be held at 12:30 pm on Tuesday 11 August in front of the Korean Trade Centre, 468 St Kilda Road Melbourne. The Victorian Trades Hall Council will notify all affiliates, and urge them to attend the rally and send messages of solidarity to the KMWU and KCTU. The Victorian Trades Hall Council will contact the KMWU and KCTU to notify them of our action, express our solidarity and promise our continued support for the campaign for workers’ rights and union rights in Korea.

Motion endorsed by VTHC Council meeting, Melbourne 6 August 2009

KCTU: kctu.org     KMWU: metal.nodong.org     IMF: imfmetal.org     AMWU: amwu.org.au

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