Release KGS-Migrante Leaders!

Eighteen Migrante Saudi Arabia (KGS-Migrante) leaders were arrested in one of their safehouses in Riyadh on 14 August 2009.  

The Migrante safehouses are designed to house and support overseas Filipino workers in distress in Saudi Arabia who have run away from their employers.  On the afternoon of the arrests, Migrante staff were interviewing overseas workers and documenting the human rights abuses experienced by them at the hands of their employers.

The Philippines' largest national export is workers, and since the Global Economic Crisis, the number of workers leaving the Philippines to find work abroad has increased.  The Middle East is a major destination for Filipino workers.

Migrante is the largest organisation advocating for the rights of Filipinos working abroad.

Release the KGS-Migrante Leaders!
Defend Migrant Rights!

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