Picket Malcom Turnbull and the United Israel Appeal

Thursday, 12 March 09 at 6pm

Crown Towers cnr. Queensbridge & Whiteman St, South BankMelbourne

Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull is attending a Gala Dinner of the United Israel Appeal (UIA). The UIA's key objective is to fund Jewish migration to Israel. Almost 50% of Palestinians live around the world in exile unable to return to their homes now occupied by Israel. Meanwhile the UIA funds Jews who have no historic connection to the land to immigrate to Israel/Palestine.

While 4.6 million Palestinians live in exile, the majority in refugee camps, the UIA website promotes that it only takes AUD $650 to bring a French Jew to Israel. With an $85 a head dinner, plus pledging the UIA hopes to raise even more money to Judaise Israel and according to their own mission statement in doing so "fortifies the fabric of Israeli society." Of course their vision of an "Israeli society" is a Jewish one which discriminates against its Arab population. Currently there are over 20 laws in Israel which discriminate against Palestinians.

The UIA is part of the Zionist project of displacing and marginalising those Palestinians who have remained in Israel. Currently one of the UIA's key projects is to "pioneer" villages in the Galilee and the Negev. The UIA website describes these places as "barren" while Israel recently spent $250 million US dollars in trying to remove the Bedouin population who live in unrecognised villages from those same areas. Israel wants to pretend these people don't exist like Australia did to its own indigenous population.

No support for Israel.

End the Occupation.


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