Support the Freeport workers! Sign the statement

The Freeport-McMoRan strike continues. The workersunion at the Grasberg mine, PUK-SP-KEP-SPSI, together with KASBI and AAWL have issued a joint statement. Your endorsement is requested. The statement ends with the following demands:   

  • We demand that the government immediately stop militarising the dispute and withdraw police and military officers from the Grasberg mine and surrounding areas.
  • We support the PUK  SP - KEP SPSI target of wage parity across Freeport operations in the world
  • We demand world best Occupational Health & Safety standards at Freeport
  • We demand that Freeport stop polluting the environment
  • We support the right of workers to strike, demonstrate, picket and defend their communities and organisations
  • Given the history of exploitation and environmental destruction that Freeport has caused we would support a workers’ expropriation of Freeport

More information on the dispute here.   Donate to the striking workers here.  
Read the full statement in Bahasa Indonesia here or in English here.
List of endorsements here.   Endorse the statement here.