Sydney rally - Refugees are Welcome, Racists are not


 unite  against racismSydney Rally Against Racism
Sunday 11 April 2010
Villawood Detention Centre, Sydney

The racist Australian Protectionist Party called a rally against refugees outside the Detention Centre in Villawood in Sydney. This rally was timed to take place two days after the racist rally against immigrants and against Islam that had been planned for Melbourne. The Melbourne racist rally was stopped by a large anti racist rally. See report here.

The Sydney racist rally was completely overshadowed by a much larger demonstration against racism, timed to take place at the same time at Villawood.

A coalition of left groups, community groups and unions organised a the anti racist rally. Thank you to all the people who came to the rally, to the organising groups, endorsers and supporters who sent solidarity messages.

See the original Sydney action alert