Tata Continues Collective Punishment of Indian Tea Workers

Nearly one thousand tea workers and their families continue to suffer collective punishment at the hands of India's Tata Group.

Workers at the Nowera Nuddy Tea Estate in West Bengal, India went without pay, food and rations from September 14 until December 12 last year following a protest in August over the mistreatment of Mrs. Arti Oraon, a 22 year-old tea garden worker who was denied maternity leave and forced to continue work as a tea plucker despite being 8 months pregnant.

During the three months to December 12, during which there was no pay and no statutory rations,  the only food the workers received was a single serving of emergency relief supplies distributed by the local district administration, normally reserved for the victims of natural disasters. The lockout was clearly intended to teach the workers a lesson: if you want to eat, renounce your right to protest! Read more here.

The struggle for justice continues at Nowera Nuddy, led by the workers' Action Committee. You can support their demands - click here to send a message to Tata/Tetley!