Thailand: All power to the working people !

 21 April 2010 - Anti-governemnt demonstrations in Bangkok are continuing.

The government is again threatening to attack the demonstrators.

On 10 April a large Red Shirts movement demonstration in the centre of Bangkok was attacked by army troops. At least 19 people were killed and many hundreds injured.

It is the 6th time in the past forty years that the Thai government has used the military to suppress popular discontent against the inequality and corruption of Thai society.

The Red Shirts movement was formed after the military overthrow of the democratically elected Thaksin Shinawatra government in 2008. They were originally formed to call for the re-instatement of Premier Thaksin, but over the last  two years they have developed into a broader political movement that is calling into question the role of the Monarchy, the military and the power structures of Thailand.

We demand that the army stop their attacks on democratic rights activistst.

Thai soldiers must refuse to follow any orders to shoot the workers and farmers assembled in the streets of Bangkok.

We support the call for the resignation of the military-backed government of Abhisit Vejjajiva.

We stand with the working people of Thailand.

 Workers in Thailand have been paying the price of globalisation for too long. Many global companies have relocated their factories to Thailand to take advantage of low wages and inadequate laws on health & safety and workplace standards.

We support the demand for economic justice for the working people of Thailand.

Workers everywhere need to give immediate practical support to workers in Thailand.

All genuine unions in the world need to protest the use of military force against the Thai working people who are demanding economic justice and equal rights.

AAWL asks all workers in the region and globally to support democratic rights activists and the workers movement in Thailand.

AAWL asks you to include the issue of solidarity for workers in Thailand in all union meetings and workplace meetings.

Send your message of solidarity for workers in Thailand to the following Global Union Federations, together with your request that they begin coordinating protests and industrial action in support of the working people of Thailand.

Send your message of solidarity to:

BWI - building workers international:
EI - education international:
ICEM - international federation of chemical energy mine and general workers unions:
IFJ - international federation of journalists:
IMF - international metalworkers federation:
ITF - international transport workers federation:
ITGLWF - international textile garment and leather workers federation:
IUF - international union of food agricultural hotel restaurant catering tobacco and allied workers associations:
PSI - public services international:
ITUC - international trade union confederation:
WFTU - world federation of trade unions:

End the dictatorship - All power to the working people !

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