Toyota News from Japan

from APWSL Aichi Group

Next Stage of The Struggle by Mr. Tanaka against JTEKT Corporation

Mr. Tanaka who works at JTEKT Corporation, one of the Toyota group companies, and is a member of All Toyota Union, reported on the preparations for the meeting in support of him taking the company to court to request the withdrawal of his dismissal on August 25. The 1st court trial will be held in Nagoya district 1103 court at 3 p.m. on September 10. He is strongly requesting support from participants.


Negotiations Commence at Toyota Related Companies

Mr. Kumazawa, All Toyota Union new union member of Fine Sinter Co. Ltd., applied to Nagoya North Labor Standards Inspection Office about the office issue (treatment improvement of heat disorder and the handicapped person etc.) on August 25 and initiated action. ATUS (a citizens group supporting All Toyota Union) accompanied him. Please refer to earlier newsletters for more information.

Joint Party held with Campaigners

The people who participate in campaigning on the streets on a monthly basis held a party at the NPO station (office shared by the NPO & union) in the vicinity of Nagoya Station on August 22.

They enjoyed talking over beer juice, and home cooking. Seven groups and 19 people participated. The participants will hold this event periodically.

Supporting Network for Foreign Residents in Japan of Tokai district

The members of ATUS attended the supporters meeting of Supporting Network for Foreign Residents in Japan of Tokai district on August 21. The meeting confirmed that they will support the formation of an organization, "Meeting to support the trainee from Bangladesh". There are many foreign workers around Aichi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu City.

Managing Committee of Aichi Association to Support Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA)

The approach to take for "The 4th anti-Toyota world campaign" was discussed in a regular managing committee on August 15.Two people (Mr. Edo, Chairman of TMPCWA and Mr. Wenecito, Vice Chairman) will come to Japan. In "Headquarters action" of Aichi, people will campaign in front of Nagoya Station at the afternoon of 20th. In the evening an Unity meeting will be held in Toyota City. Early morning on the following day (the 21st), flyers will be distributed around headquarters of Toyota Motor, Technical Center, and other factories, and proposals will be provided to the headquarters by delegates.

Download the Joint Protest Letter from TMPCWA