26 January 2010

To the Federal Government of Australia

Australia before it considers becomng a republic, must first treaty, with the Aboriginal people of this nation.

Take notice. it is the will of the Aboriginal people of this country known as Australia that we demand a Treaty with the Federal Government of Australia in relation to the following issues:

  • The lawful recognition that Terra Nullius was a British / Australian fiction, that fraud and deception was perpetrated against the sovereign Aboriginal people of this continent.

  • That there be lawful acknowledgement and negotiation that acts of genocide, atrocities and human rights violations were perpetrated and continue to be perpetrated against the Aboriginal people of Australia.

  • We want a lawful ongoing reparation and compensation for the aforementioned issues which have caused dispossession and theft of lands and resources belonging to the Aboriginal people of Australia who did not consent to the dispossession, fraud and theft of our lands and resources by the British and by successive Australian governments.

We request you come to the negotiating table to resolve these matters

Yours sincerely

Robbie Thorpe, Sharon Firebrace
Black Rights Action Group