Unilever Pakistan Punishes Rights Activists

Shahid Mahmood has worked 13 years as an outsourced casual worker at Khanewal. His pay was cut 30% when he joined the union Action Committee to fight for his rights.

"“I’m a fitter. I’ve worked at the Unilever Khanewal factory for 13 years. Before I joined the action committee I was paid 326 Rupees per day. After I joined the committee and filed a legal case my wage was lowered to 232 Rupees, the minimum wage for an unskilled worker. Other fitters who didn’t join the Action Committee are still getting 326 Rupees.”

Since the Lipton Khanewal workers formed their Action Committee to fight for their rights, members have been denied work, demoted and pushed into even deeper poverty in an attempt to break their resistance. At the same time, some 100 new contract workers - with no experience, skills, or seniority (over 20% of the workforce) have been taken on in the midst of what the company contends is a production downturn… but is clearly a show of force to weaken the Action Committee and the IUF.

Stop discrimination and reprisals against the Khanewal Action Committee workers - click here to send a message to Unilever!

Tell corporate management to stop retaliating and start negotiating!. The Lipton Khanewal casual workers fighting for justice through their Action Committee must be given permanent, direct employment status.