Union Charter of Workplace Rights

Union Charter of Workplace Rights
Occupational Health, Safety, Compensation And Rehabilitation

All workers are entitled to the highest level of safety possible‚ full compensation and effective rehabilitation and return to work processes when work related illness and injuries occur.

Regardless of jurisdiction‚ no changes to occupational health and safety‚ compensation and rehabilitation laws are to ever result in a diminution of rights and entitlements.

Workers must not be adversely affected by any employer moving between jurisdictions in relation to their OHS and workers compensation entitlements. Any proposed move between jurisdictions will only occur following genuine consultation and agreement with workers and their representatives and a process of public review.

Any health‚ safety‚ compensation and rehabilitation framework will include the best of Australian laws‚ be consistent with ACTU OHS and Workers Compensation Policy and be consistent with the best international standards.

All workers have the right to join a genuine trade union. Union organised workplaces are safer workplaces.

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