United we win

war creates refugees.
People run from the bombs. They become refugees.

Oppression creates refugees. People are discriminated against because of race, religion, nationality. They run from the death squads. They become refugees.

Refugees did not choose this. Capitalism creates
war and oppression. Capitalism creates refugees.

But refugees are not so easy to control.
They may have political opinions, they have many needs and very few dollars. Refugees are just not wanted by capitalists, so they are left to die. Capitalist governments are attacking refugees because they want to foment racism. Capitalists and their governments want workers divided. But refugees are workers. We can demand freedom and rights for all refugees.

United we win.

temporary migrant workers

Poverty creates temporary migrant workers.

People run from starvation and unemployment.
Capitalists want to employ temporary migrant workers on short contracts, no rights, low wages and conditions. They try to use hunger to bring down wages.

But temporary migrant workers can join unions. We can stand together with all workers. Against racism, for union rights everywhere, against low
wages, poverty and hunger.

United we win.

Close The Detention Camps.
Permanent Residency For Refugees & Migrant Workers.
Union Rights, Good Wages & Conditions For All.