Update from NGWF on Bangladesh Factory Fire

On 15th April 2010 National Garments Workers Federation (N.G.W.F) submitted a Memorandum towards the office of Chief Inspector of Factories (Under Ministry of Labour) at 11.30 a.m. on demand of case filing against the owner of Garib & Garib Sweater factory for the violation of labour law, negligence and 21 workers killing as well as Implementation of labour law in the garment sector.

For this in front of the office of Chief Inspector of Factories, 4 no Rajuk Avenue, Dhaka, there was a big gathering of garment workers with Red flags and festoons of different slogans. More than 200 garments workers join the gathering.

Presided by Amirul Haque Amin president of the NGWF the gathering was addressed among others: Dr. Oajedul Islam Khan – co ordinator of the SKOP (umbrella of the multi sectoral national trade union federation), Abdul Kader Hawlader - Central Leader of the SKOP, Salauddin Swapon – co ordinator of the Bangladesh Garment Workers Unity Council (umbrella of 17 garment workers federations) and central leaders of the federation Miss Safia Pervin and others.

After the gathering they handover the memorandum to the Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories in absence of the Chief Inspector. Big number of police were present on that time.

NGWF demanded to Chief Inspector to take immediate action against the issue they mention in the memorandum, as below:

  • Immediate File MURDER CASE against the owner of Garib & Garib for killing of 21 workers because of violation of labour law and negligence.
  • Immediate Filling of cases against the owner for the violation of labour laws.
  • Initiative for the cash Compensation of Tk. 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Taka) for each of the Death Family.
  • Initiative to identify the Buyers related to Garib & Garib and arrangement of Greater compensation from all Buyers, BGMEA, Government & owners for the Death Families.
  • An investigation committee must formed with the proper representative of Trade-Union to investigate the 4 fires in this factory including the 25th February 2010 to make a proper and details report.
  • Ensure the Health – Safety & Security, proper working condition and Basic rights of the worker’s in the factory.
  • Proper actions must be taken for the implementation of labour law in the whole garment sector of the country.
  • Actions and punishment must be taken against the owner’s those are violating the laws.

After receiving the memorandum deputy Chief Inspector gave commitment that they will consider these demands and take proper actions.