Urgent Thailand - Proposed union protest letter

18 May 2010

Dear Comrade

Re: Thailand Government repression and killings of ‘Red Shirt’ protesters

We urge your union to send a protest letter to the Thai Embassy in Canberra, stating your union’s dismay at the killings of demonstrators over the past days, and calling for the resignation of the Abhisit government which has behaved so atrociously.

It is important that in times like these workers and unions in the Asia Pacific region do not remain silent.  In the midst of military repression and the killings of protesters, history has shown that workers, their families and communities are most often the victims of such state violence. 

Below is a sample letter that you may wish to use.


The AAWL website at  aawl.org.au  has regular updates on the Thai situation.

The AAWL statement on the situation in Thailand which was published on May Day is available here for your information.


In Solidarity


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Proposed protest letter:

Royal Thai Embassy 

สถานเอกอัครราชทูตไทย  กรุงแคนเบอร์รา
111 Empire Circuit
Yarralumla ACT 2600 Australia
Tel: +612 6206 0100
Fax: +612 6206 0123


18 May 2010 


Dear Ambassador, 

Re: Bangkok protests and the killings of protesters


I would like to express the dismay and concern of my members at the ongoing repression and violence that has occurred in Bangkok over the last few days.


We believe that the Red Shirts movement has a right to protest about the ongoing problems that are affecting Thai society in relation to political corruption, civil liberties, repression, economic inequality and the right of workers to organise.


We call on the Thai government to:

  • immediately order the military to cease fire and return to barracks; and
  • launch an immediate investigation on the killings that have occurred


We also call for the Thai government to resign as it has proven it is unable to govern in the interest of the citizens.


Many of our members have had direct experience of repressive regimes. There has already been too much bloodshed on the streets of Bangkok.


The repression must stop immediately.