Victims of Samsung Electronics

On March 31 Ji-yeon, a young Samsung worker, died of acute myeloid leukemia. 

There is a Korean trandition, a mixture of Buddhism and Confucianism culture, named “49-jae”, pronounced as “Sah-sip-kwo-jae”.

At the 49th day from a death, the families have a service for the repose of the dead to a better place.

Make your action on May 18 – May 18th will be the 49th day from the day of Ji-yeon’s death.

SHARPS will have a memorial event for Ji-yeon at her 49-jae, in front of the Samsung headquarter building. We will pray for Ji-yeon’s peaceful rest, and for better future for all the victims – it means the future without exploitation by Capitals, without poverty, without suppression of labor right, and without toxic chemicals. It will not be religious. We just take the opportunity to let people remember what happened and to speak out our voices.