Victorian paramedics win agreement

After 15 months of campaigning for decent rest breaks and a safer ambulance service, paramedics have won an eleventh hour agreement with the Victorian Government.  The government finally agreed to 10-hour rest breaks.

Ambulance Employees Australia State Secretary Steve McGhie said paramedics are delighted to have won decent rest breaks and fairer wages in the new three year agreement.

“This is not just a win for paramedic safety, this is a win for the safety of all Victorians. The Victorian public knows how important this issue is, and we thank them for their overwhelming support throughout the campaign. Their support has been vital in winning this agreement.”  

“The fact that this government has forced paramedics to fight for such a simple condition as decent rest breaks for 15 long months is a disgrace,” Mr McGhie said.

Across Victoria, thousands of supporters signed petitions, emailed the health minister, called talkback radio and campaigned online.

“The public can rest assured that their support has been crucial in creating a safer, better ambulance service for all Victorians,” Mr McGhie said.