Workers Organise to Win!

 Thailand: Workers take control!

Soldiers: Don't shoot!
No to Abhisit - No to Thaksin

Yes to Workers' Government!

This is a time of crisis for workers in Thailand. The Abhisit government must go.

To achieve democratic rights and economic justice the working people of Thailand have to defeat the Abhisit government and the Thai army. But replacing the current government with Taksin or with a general who switches sides will not change  the economic conditions of exploitation imposed by capitalist companies operating in Thailand. Workers can resolve this situation if they intervene as an organised workers movement.

Only direct democratic control of workplaces and communities by assemblies of working people can begin to restructure the economy in favour of the great majority of the population.

All workers in the region and globally must support protest actions and international industrial action and solidarity to assist workers in Thailand.

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