Workers of the world march for IWD

International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 has a long history and is a reflection of women’s efforts towards attaining gender equality. IWD originated in the USA in 1908, when women garment workers held demonstrations protesting against their appalling and dangerous working conditions. Women's struggles is union business. The sphere of unpaid and paid work is also part of this movement, and labour activists around the world are still fighting for gender equality at the workplace. AAWL, in solidarity with workers internationally, will celebrate IWD on the 8th of March in Melbourne, Australia, see here for rally details. 3CR Radio will host 24 hours of women voices and issues.

AAWL and APHEDA will also be co-hosting a public meeting – Women Organising Globally.  Featuring a panel of local and international organisers, the discussion will focus on women currently organising in unions and communities across our region for workplace rights and gender equality.  For facebook event, click here.

Time: 6pm-8pm
Venue: MUA Auditorium, 46-54 Ireland Street, West Melbourne