may day - global day of action

may day
global day of action

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Workers are being sacked, and the bosses walk away with millions. The government tries to stop angry workers from fighting back.

Workers should not be forced to pay for the global capitalist crisis.

The new Australian workplace relations laws are nearly as bad as WorkChoices.

Workers have the right to organise in unions. Again we must defeat a government attacking workers: The Fair Work laws must be changed in line with workers’ demands. The ABCC must be abolished now.

Our work produces the capitalists‘ profits. But we work to provide for ourselves and our families. We want a living wage and a healthy workplace. Instead all around the world, many of us become sick or die because of our work.

Capitalism requires the economy to always grow. But that is not possible.  The economy crashes. Workers lose their jobs, wages & conditions, pensions & houses.

Workers in all countries are our allies. Our common enemies are the governments  and capitalists who want us to compete against other workers for jobs. Together we can win.

Our strength is a united working class.

We must oppose and defeat capitalism.

No sackings. No wage cuts. No unsafe work.
No workplace closures. Guaranteed pensions and social security. No disconnections.
No evictions. No repossessions.

Our power is international industrial action and solidarity.

Support workers’ struggle. Fight to win.

Workers change the world.

friday 1 may 09
5:30 state library swanston street melbourne